The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

The Executive team supporting the work of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire is known as the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

This team has been put together specifically to enable the PCC to successfully carry out his duties. The OPCC is led by a Chief Executive, whose responsibility is to manage the staff team and provide a monitoring role to ensure that standards remain high.

The team also includes a Chief Finance Officer to advise the PCC on financial matters and the impact of any decisions regarding the budget, spending and commissioning. Other specialist staff provide support on key areas of business and manage the administrative functions of the OPCC.

You can contact the OPCC by clicking on "contact us" at the top of the page.

Organisational Structures:

A pdf of the latest office structure chart can be downloaded here:  Office Structure Chart - March 2024



Equality Profile

The following equality profile relates to the OPCC as of November 2023:-

  • Number of staff employed directly by OPCC: 38
  • Percentage of women: 78.9% (30)
  • Percentage of men:  15.7% (6)
  • Percentage BAME: 34.2% (13)
  • Percentage with disability stated: 5.2% (2)

 Equality Profile Detail - as at November 2023

OPCC Equality Profiles - Pie Charts November 2023


An accessible text version of the equality profile pie charts can be downloaded HERE


Senior Staff (details of all senior posts within the Office of the PCC)


Job Title
Role Description
Disclosable Interests
 Rupert Matthews Police and Crime Commissioner Link  £78,400

Found in Lists & Registers

 Claire Trewartha Chief Executive Officer TBA £90,000
 Kira Hughes Chief Finance Officer TBA £80,270 - £85,485
 Grace Strong Director of Violence Reduction Network TBA £68,244 - £77,751
 Lizzie Starr Director of Governance and Performance TBA £68,244 - £77,751
 Siobhan Peters Director of Strategy, Partnerships and Commissioning TBA £68,244 - £77,751


Chief Constable

For more information on the Chief Constable, please see the Force website

Policies relating to the recruitment of a Chief Constable:

Recruitment of a Chief Constable will follow Home Office Circular 20/2012 and guidance produced by the College of Policing in partnership with the Police Advisory Board England and Wales.

Details of how you can contact the Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner or a member of his office team, can be found below or you can use the form on the Contact Us page:-

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire
Police Headquarters, 
St John’s, 

LE19 2BX

T:   0116 229 8980